About GB Decorating Company

My name is Graham Baker; I have been a decorator for over thirty years. In this time I gained much experience in knowing what is the best advice for any particular job. I have concentrated my work in the home sector mainly in that time working at the high end refurbishment. Working for clients direct, sub contracting my decorating company to other high end decorating companies and working for high end building companies. In both accessions you have to accept they are the main contractors and you work under there name. So if you are looking for decorators in essex, then contact us for a quotation.

Some Background Information

I have also worked for some top designers and architects in that time again straight to me or through others. I also have international experience, decorating as taken me to Spain, USA and the Channel Islands. I will travel for work and never found it being a problem. For the passed eight years my work as been mainly in the West of London, but I am based in the Romford area in Essex and I do undertake local work as well, in fact I enjoy working more local with the more years I put in. I have also worked for many celebrities and gentry in that time both in London and Los Angeles.

Work Ethics

All this means is that I do understand how to achieve the best Finish. The best finish is normally based on the right amount of preparation and number of coats applied. This is also not always available within the budget, as time is the main factor for a top finish but time costs money. I would always come to look at your work and establish the type of work you are looking for. No jobs are too small or too big and welcome the chance to quote for your work.

If you're looking for decorating companies in London or Essex, then talk to us today and find out more about our services.